The Lower Kimmeridgian of the Wieluń Upland and adjoining regions in central Poland: lithostratigraphy, ammonite stratigraphy (upper Planula/Platynota to Divisum zones), palaeogeography and climate-controlled cycles



The Early Kimmeridgian of the Wieluń Upland and adjoining regions, after the decline of sedimentation of the deep-neritic sponge megafacies (Częstochowa Sponge Limestone Fm.) and associated limestones and marls with poor benthic fauna (Pilica Fm.) during the Planula Chron, showed the subsequent development of moderately shallow-water biostromal chalky limestones with siliceous sponges and corals, replaced laterally by micritic limestones and marls (Prusicko Fm.) during the Platynota Chron and the earliest Hypselocyclum Chron. Towards the north and south shallow-marine carbonate platforms occurred (represented by deposits of the “oolitic” fm.), whereas towards the north-west and west deeper marine facies, represented initially by limestones with siliceous sponges (Częstochowa Sponge Limestone Fm.), and later during the Hypselocyclum Chron by bedded limestones and marls with ammonites (Burzenin Fm.) were deposited. This palaeogeographic pattern was controlled by the synsedimentary tectonics. The detailed biostratigraphical classification of the deposits studied from the Platynota to the Divisum zones, and their lithological character, enable the recognition of the primary sedimentary cyclicity by comparison with the well dated short eccentricity cycles in the coeval succession of south-eastern France. The two appendixes enclosed give the characteristics of: (1) the characteristics of the ammonite faunas especially of the families Ataxioceratidae and Aulacostephanidae (where two new species are established – Balticeras samsonowiczi sp. nov., and Rasenioides glazeki sp. nov.); (2) the newly established lithostratigraphical units: the Prusicko Fm., and the Burzenin Fm., and the smaller rank units (members, beds) recognized therein.


ammonites; biostratigraphy; facies; Lower Kimmeridgian; central Poland; Wieluń Upland; synsedimentary tectonics; palaeogeography; primary sedimentary cyclicity

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