Rediscovery of the classic locality of Callovian in Babiarzowa Klippe (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Poland)

Andrzej WIERZBOWSKI, Jan Schlogl, Roman AUBRECHT, Michał KROBICKI


Red-coloured laminated wackestones to packstones of the filament (Bositra-like) microfacies occurringwithin crinoidal limestones of the Smolegowa Limestone Formation in the Babiarzowa Klippe (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Carpathians) represent infilling of subhorizontal neptunian dyke of Callovian age. The locality is well-known in geological literature as it yielded the rich fossil assemblage of Callovian age (ammonites, gastropods, pelecypods, brachiopods and others) described by Uhlig (1878, 1881).


Pieniny Klippen Belt; Callovian; neptunian dyke; Fauna

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