Representatives of the genus Craniscus Dall, 1871, from the Upper Oxfordian of Bielawy and Wapienno in Kujawy area



The presented paper contains a detailed description of four species of the genus Craniscus Dall, 1871,found in the Upper Oxfordian of Bielawy and Wapienno quarries, Kujawy area. Three of them: Craniscus bipartitus (Munster, 1837), Craniscus antiquior (Jelly, 1843) and Craniscus corallinus (Quenstedt, 1852) have already been described from Poland, the fourth, however – Craniscus tripartitus (Munster, 1840), had only been known from the Lower Oxfordian of North Bavaria. The Craniscus specimens come from slope deposits of sponge-microbialitic bioherm. This is indicated by the fact that almost all specimens are dorsal valves, separated posthumously from ventral valves. The condition of some specimens and the rock lithology suggests, that the deposition was very violent in some cases and brachiopods were buried alive. The studied material is relatively well-preserved, which alIowes an accurate reading of the location of muscle scal's.


Craniidae; Craniscus; Inarticulated Brachiopods; Upper Jurassic; Poland

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