The ammonite-dinocyst subdivisions correlation at the Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian boundary in the Bartoszyce IG 1 and Kcynia IG IV cores from northern Poland

Marcin BARSKI, Bronisław MATYJA, Andrzej WIERZBOWSKI


Detailed study of ammonite and Dinoflagellata assemblages from the Bartoszyce IG 1 and Kcynia IG Ncores in northern Poland comprises the stratigraphical interval at the Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian boundary. Correlations along well defined biostratigraphical horizons between the particular ammonite subdivisions typical of different biogeographical provinces and subdivisions based on Dinoflagellate cysts are discussed.


Upper Jurassic; ammonite biostratigraphy; dinocyst biostratigraphy; correlations

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