The Oxfordian ammonite genus Passendorferia Brochwicz-Lewiński and the Tethyan subfamily Passendorferiinae Meléndez: origin and palaeobiogeography[/b]

Guillermo MELENDEZ, François ATROPS, Julia BELLO, Wojciech BROCHWICZ-LEWIŃSKI, Carolina D’ARPA, Istvan FÖZY, Isabel PÉREZ-URRESTI, Javier RAMAJO, Leandro SEQUEIROS


The Oxfordian ammonite group Passendorferiinae (known as “Mediterranean perisphinctids”) forms a group of perisphinctids characterized by strongly evolute serpenticone coiling and subcircular to subquadrate whorl section, and forms a lateral divergent branch of the main stem Perisphinctidae. They originated probably from Late Callovian Grossouvriinae (Alligaticeras) and spread mainly in the Mediterranean (Tethyan) Province along the southern margin of Tethys, occasionally reaching the outer areas of epicontinental platforms. Their particular morphological features make them somewhat homoeomorphic with Tethyan Kimmeridgian Nebrodites. The phyletic link might be represented by the genus Geyssantia Meléndez, known from the Late Oxfordian Planula Chronozone.Separate biogeographic distribution in relation to the Perisphinctinae might reflect a progressive differentiation of western Tethyan faunas at the Callovian-Oxfordian boundary and at the onset of the Middle Oxfordian Transversarium Chronozone. Their rapid evolution gives them a biostratigraphic value similar to that of the Perisphinctinae. At the turn of the Middle-Late Oxfordian they gave rise to early Ataxioceratinae (Orthosphinctes), which replaced the Perisphinctinae in epicontinental areas, and colonised the marginal epicontinental blocks of northern Tethys. The taxonomy of this group is based upon the recognition of sexual dimorphism, using a single generic and specific name for both (M) and (m), and hence rejecting the use of former subgeneric names for both dimorphs. A new species within this line: Passendorferia nodicostata sp. nov. from the Plicatilis Biozone (Paturattensis Subbiozone)is defined and described for the first time.


Upper Jurassic; ammonites; palaeobiogeography; West-Tethys; biostratigraphy; Evolution; Mediterranean Province

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