Ammonites from the Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian boundary and the Lower–Upper Kimmeridgian of Kachchh, western India

Dhirendra K. PANDEY, Matthias ALBERTI, Franz T. FÜRSICH, Ewa GŁOWNIAK, Federico OLÓRIZ


Several new specimens of ammonites from the Oxfordian and Kimmeridgian of Kachchh, western India, are described and illustrated. The Oxfordian ammonites ?Subdiscosphinctes Malinowska, Perisphinctes Waagen, Dichotomoceras Buckman, and ?Larcheria Tintant, all from Bharodia in the Wagad Uplift, enable tentative biochronostratigraphic correlations with the uppermost Middle Oxfordian up to the lower Upper Oxfordian of the unified Submediterranean zonation, whereas the Kimmeridgian ammonites Streblites Hyatt, “Orthosphinctes” Schindewolf, Torquatisphinctes Spath, Pachysphinctes Dietrich, Katroliceras Spath, Aspidoceras Zittel, and Schaireria Checa reconfirm a stratigraphic gap embracing incompletely known parts of the uppermost Oxfordian and the Lower Kimmeridgian as known from the ammonite records of the Kachchh Mainland of the Kachchh Basin.


ammonites; Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian; Kachchh; India

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