New and poorly known Perisphinctoidea (Ammonitina) from the Upper Tithonian of Le Chouet (Drôme, SE France)

Luc G. BULOT, Camille FRAU, William A.P. WIMBLEDON


The aim of this paper is to document the ammonite fauna of the upper part of the Late Tithonian collected at the key section of Le Chouet (Drôme, SE France). Emphasis is laid on new and poorly known Ataxioceratidae, Himalayitidae and Neocomitidae from the upper part of the Tithonian. Among the Ataxioceratidae, a new account on the taxonomy and relationship between Paraulacosphinctes Schindewolf and Moravisphinctes Tavera is presented. Regarding the Himalayitidae, the range and content of Micracanthoceras Spath is discussed and two new genera are introduced: Ardesciella gen. nov., for a group of Mediterranean ammonites that is homoeomorphic with the Andean genus Corongoceras Spath, and Pratumidiscus gen. nov. for a specimen that shows morphological similarities with the Boreal genera Riasanites Spath and Riasanella Mitta. Finally, the occurrence of Neocomitidae in the uppermost Tithonian is documented by the presence of the reputedly Berriasian genera Busnardoiceras Tavera and Pseudargentiniceras Spath.


Ammonoidea; Ataxioceratidae; Himalayitidae; Neocomitidae; Upper Tithonian; Le Chouet; South-East France

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