Integrated biostratigraphy of the Jurassic strata of the Wagad Uplift, Kachchh, Western India

Jyotsana RAI, Surabhi GARG, Mridul GUPTA, Abha SINGH, Dhirendra PANDEY, Franz FÜRSICH, Matthias ALBERTI, Rahul GARG


An integrated study based on calcareous nannofossils, organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts, and ammonites from the Washtawa and Kanthkot formations of the Wagad Uplift have allowed a detailed documentation of the stratigraphic position of these formations within the Oxfordian and Kimmeridgian sediments of the Kachchh Basin, western India. The nannofossil assemblages from the lower part of the Nara Shale Member exposed in the Nara and Washtawa domes, the Kanthkot Ammonite Beds along the Trambau River section, and the Patasar Shale Member exposed along the Trambau River section and the Patasar Tank section in the eastern part of the Wagad Uplift belong to the NJ 14 Cyclagelosphaera margerelli Zone of the Early Oxfordian, the NJ 15a Lotharingius sigillatus Zone of the Middle Oxfordian, and the NJ 15b Cretarhabdus conicus of Early Kimmeridgian age, respectively. Zonation schemes, based on calcareous nannofossils, dinoflagellate cysts, and ammonites were calibrated highlighting their biostratigraphic potential. These studies may represent a reference biochronology for Oxfordian–Kimmeridgian age strata applicable to the Tethyan realm of which India was a part during Late Jurassic times.


Jurassic; calcareous nannofossils; dinoflagellate cysts; ammonites; Oxfordian; Kimmeridgian; Wagad Uplift; Kachchh

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