Arietites solarium (Quenstedt, 1883) – a diagnostic ammonite species in the Lower Jurassic (Early Sinemurian, Bucklandi Zone) of SW Germany

Armin Scherzinger, Stefan Gräbenstein, Günter Schweigert


The coarse-ribbed and big-sized Arietites solarium (Quenstedt, 1883) is one of the largest-grown and most iconic ammonite taxa in the entire Swabian Lower Jurassic; however, despite previous revisions including the designation of a lectotype, there has been some confusion concerning its correct identification, and its type horizon within the Lower Sinemurian Arietenkalk Formation was not exactly known. Arietites solarium characterises the herein introduced solarium Biohorizon of the upper Bucklandi Zone of the Sinemurian. For nomenclatorial stability, we designate a neotype based on the only surviving specimen of Quenstedtʼs original type series. In addition, we provide a preliminary succession of recognized biohorizons in the Lower Sinemurian of Swabia, which will make correlations with other areas more reliable.


ammonites; Arietitidae; Early Sinemurian; biostratigraphy; correlation; Germany

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