A microconchiate Hypowaagenia Schweigert and Schlampp, 2020 (Aspidoceratidae, Hybonoticeratinae) from the Upper Jurassic of Southern Germany

Günter Schweigert, Victor Schlampp


The previously unknown microconch which corresponds to the recently introduced Late Jurassic aspidoceratoid ammonite genus Hypowaagenia Schweigert and Schlampp, 2020, is reported from beds of the topmost Platynota Zone or basal Hypselocyclum Zone of Franconia. This record indicates that these exotic ammonite findings are not of long-drifting necroplanktonic shells, but stem from animals that have spread over this area after immigration from the Tethys.


ammonites; Aspidoceratidae; dimorphism; palaeobiogeography; Germany

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