The first records of Pictonautilus Branger, 2004 (Cephalopoda: Nautiloidea) from the Upper Bathonian – ? Lower Callovian (Middle Jurassic) of Germany and Poland


  • Günter Schweigert
  • Tim Haye
  • Iwan Stössel


The rare Middle Jurassic nautilid genus Pictonautilus Branger, 2004 is reported for the first time from Upper Bathonian strata of SW Germany and from Upper Bathonian – ? Lower Callovian beds of S Poland. The new specimens can be assigned to the type species P. verciacensis (Lissajous, 1923) and point to a larger maximum size than previously expected. Although the new findings expand the geographic range of this genus, its phyletic origin remains unknown. From its original description and illustration, Nautilus (Paracenoceras) wilmae Jeannet, 1951, from the Lower Callovian of Switzerland, was suspected to represent another species of Pictonautilus. After study of the holotype, however, this taxon is considered a junior subjective synonym of “Paracenoceras” calloviense (Oppel, 1857). Another specimen from the Lower Callovian of SW Germany cited as Nautilus (Paracenoceras) wilmae Jeannet, 1951 was misidentified and represents the first hitherto recognized record of the dwarfish Paracenoceras dorsoexcavatum (Parona, Bonarelli, 1895) from Europe besides the holotype from Savoy.